The Moms Who Shaped Me

Happy Mother's Day, ladies! I thought that it might be fun for you to get to hear from some of my favorite mamas on this planet. These ladies have managed to love Jesus, raise their kiddos, and keep their marriages in tact. Quite a feat, if you ask me! They are grandmas, obsessed with their … Continue reading The Moms Who Shaped Me

Trust & Obey

Imagine being nine months pregnant and living on the third floor of your apartment in humid and hot Texas. Carrying groceries, nine months pregnant, up to that third floor apartment. The smell of drugs is unmistakable from one of the doors you have to walk by. Another door opens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME you walk by … Continue reading Trust & Obey

YES Day!

I spent Thursday having Yes Day with my kids. Yes Day is a day where kids get to pick all the activities for the whole day and the parents commit to saying, "Yes" (unless it is something illegal, immoral, etc) to their choices. I first heard of Yes Day last year on Jennifer Garner's Instagram page. … Continue reading YES Day!