My Beloved

I've got to be honest, I am writing this very late the night before it it supposed to go live. I usually spend the whole week preparing these but we've had a lot going on this week. I just haven't even had a second to really think about what to write this week. Today is … Continue reading My Beloved


I haven't shared much about my family on here yet. I usually try to keep the focus on what I am learning in the Word. However, what I am learning and how I am growing have everything to do with my family this week. My husband is a campus pastor at a church in AR. … Continue reading GET AWAY

Filled with Courage

Last week we talked about joy and finding ways to intentionally add it to our day. Today we are going to talk about encouragement. We all go through seasons where joy is easy to feel and seasons where joy is harder to feel. Our feelings can trip us up if we let them. So, what … Continue reading Filled with Courage