What If?

I watched a Beth Moore message on Life Today 6 years ago that wrecked me. Here is the link to it if you want to watch it. It is definitely worth your time but in case you don't want to, here is the premise... Beth was dealing with two major fears. She felt the Holy … Continue reading What If?


I love serving the Church. I got saved as a teenager and it became a second home to me. I had so many questions, but patient leaders spent a lot of time answering them and pouring love into me. I was at church more than my house and ultimately felt Jesus call me to serve … Continue reading Home

Pull the Weeds

This week, a dear woman in our church came to our home to clear out our flower beds. She loves to garden and noticed that we have quite a mess on our hands. She got to our house at 9 am and spent the entire day blowing leaves out of our flower beds. We live … Continue reading Pull the Weeds