Identity 101, Part 2

We are going to jump right into part 2 of our Identity 101 series. Last week we laid the foundation of our identity: we are children of God. The first step in understanding your value is knowing that you belong to God. If you didn't read last week's post, I suggest starting there before going … Continue reading Identity 101, Part 2

Identity 101, Part 1

Before we get started, I want to share what happened this week as I was preparing for this post. This is probably the most important series I have done. I started to make edits to this post and the Holy Spirit fell all over me. I ended up on my face, crying out to God for … Continue reading Identity 101, Part 1

Have You Prayed?

I got a text from a girl at 1 am this week. She was panicked about what direction her life is supposed to go. I started down the rabbit hole with her, asking questions, and felt the Holy Spirit say, "Ask her if she prayed about it." She answered honestly that she had not. Please … Continue reading Have You Prayed?