Who is the Holy Spirit? Part 2

Hi friends! Last week we talked about who the Holy Spirit is. Today we will be discussing what He does in us. Next week we will talk about what the Holy Spirit does for us. He has so many, jobs that I had to add another week in this series just to cover them all! I … Continue reading Who is the Holy Spirit? Part 2


Now What?

We just finished week four of isolation. We were told recently that we still have two more months. Now what? Personally, I think God wants us to intentionally prepare for what's next. There will be a day when we aren't stuck in our homes anymore and we should use this time we have wisely. When this is … Continue reading Now What?


We just found out a few days ago that we have until the end of April in self-isolation. We are three weeks in and have at least four more to go. I am seeing an extreme response from some people during this time of isolation. They are consumed with how it is affecting them. They … Continue reading SELF