You Prayed For This

I keep hearing over and over again about John the Baptist. Everywhere I turn, someone is preaching about him. These two messages have been my favorite recently: and Watch both - they are life changing! John got his eyes off of Jesus for a moment. Since I can’t seem to escape the story of … Continue reading You Prayed For This



Hungry. Angry. Lonely. Tired. I had a moment this past weekend that showed me that I was “off.” I am an introvert, and I need moments away from other people (even my family) to gather my thoughts and fill up. I call it “Tif Time.” Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore people. I’ve just … Continue reading HALT


Rest is a big deal. Many cultures around the world shut down business for a couple of hours every day so that employees can go home and take a nap. US businesses are figuring this out too: Google, Huffington Post, and NASA have installed nap pods on site to allow for rest during the work … Continue reading Sabbath