And If Not He’s Still Good

Let me walk you through the day I had yesterday. God was so cute and winked at me all day long!

Thursday night, I did a late Wal-Mart run to pick up some supplies for a few orders. I walked to the toy department just to get an idea of what to get Lands for her 2nd birthday. Y'all. I have not idea why, but they were clearing their shelves and I hit the mother load.

This is $358 worth of toys that I bought for $73. $73! I bought enough for my girls for Christmas, my nieces and nephews for Christmas, Lands' birthday and I have extras for when the girls get invited to birthday parties. If I wasn't so tired I would've bawled my eyes out! As I was leaving the store, I saw my friend and she gave me a very amazing, encouraging word from Jesus.

Then, I took my sweet cousin that just moved to Texas on a date to my favorite antique mall and tea room. The food was so so crazy good. We wanted dessert (of course!) and couldn't decide which one to order so I ordered all three. Yes. Three. All of the waitresses came over just to see if what they had heard in the kitchen was true. It was. And we enjoyed every second of our three dessert Heaven!

I could see a group of Red Hat Ladies having a meeting around the corner from us. There's just something about them that has my heart. They're the cutest ever. I kept watching them, trying to find an excuse to take their picture. They were trying to take a group picture and one of the ladies wasn't going to be in the picture because she had to take it…. this was my moment!! Seriously. This is how excited I was! I RAN over to them, doted all over them and took their picture.

How CUTE are they??!

And of course I had to take my obnoxiousness one step further…

Enjoy this epic fail of me inviting myself to their party, awful selfie and all. They didn't know what to do with me.

THEN, I went to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for Lands' ladybug birthday party invitations. I had this very specific thing in my brain. I wanted little lady bugs where the wings split apart and all the information on a white circle under the wings. Paper wasn't on sale. Bummer. Every time I need paper at Hobby Lobby it's not on sale. I just had a thought to look on the clearance isle.

I can't make this stuff up. Of course they were EXACTLY what was in my brain. I don't have to do any of the work to make them and they were on clearance. I mean it when I say that God was cute to me yesterday. There's just no denying His wink.

But not every day is like yesterday.

I have only blogged once because we had a curve ball thrown at us and I haven't been sure what to say. My hubby stepped out of Gateway in June to do something we felt like God was calling us to do. As soon as he stepped out, the doors closed.

I'm not sure why we are shaken when things don't happen the way we planned. God never promised us a perfect life. In fact, He said, "In this life you WILL have trouble" (John 16:33). I think He uses our response to the trials we face to show us areas where we can grow. He is all about developing our character and drawing us closer to Him.

The other day my Instagram mentor (whom I've never met but love) posted this picture…

She said, "Is our God only good when our dreams come true, when our sickness is healed, and when we achieve our goals? Do we still praise Him when He says no?" -Ruth Simons (follow her on Instagram @gracelaced)

He has something for us. He sat us right here and while we are here, we are choosing to praise Him, trust Him and have a little fun. (Order three desserts, just because!)

I'm SURE that there are places in your life that don't look the way you thought they would. I'm SURE there are places where you want Him to say "yes." We are in this together. I'm praying that most of your days are filled with encouraging words, good deals, desserts and sweet little God winks! 😉 And that you have all the grace you need for the harder days.

Love y'all,


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