Family Values – We Walk in Victory

Hi friends! I started this series asking you to imagine a sign up in my house that says, “Family Values” and then lists off the things I expect to see from my spiritual family. This is by no means an exhaustive list but I expect my family to: Assume the Best, Disagree Respectfully, Work Hard, … Continue reading Family Values – We Walk in Victory

We Believe LIES

"I will never, I could never, I am not, I have not." These phrases used to color my view and came out of my mouth daily. They are subtle (and sometimes not-so subtle) lies that we believe and justify fiercely. I snuggled up next to these thoughts, like they were my friends, calling their presence … Continue reading We Believe LIES

Dear Mama

Dear Mama, Pretend like we are best friends, drinking hot chocolate (coffee is disgusting) for a second. Imagine that I am your usually very mellow bestie who likes to make you laugh. I’m incredibly awkward and silly but today, I’m feisty. Got the picture? I get the privilege of meeting with women pretty frequently. It … Continue reading Dear Mama