My Experience with Covid-19

My post last week felt a little bit ironic. I wrote about taking care of your body while my body was not cooperating with me. We found out last Saturday morning that my husband and I were positive for Covid-19. I was trying to write but my mind was foggy and my body felt miserable. … Continue reading My Experience with Covid-19


We just found out a few days ago that we have until the end of April in self-isolation. We are three weeks in and have at least four more to go. I am seeing an extreme response from some people during this time of isolation. They are consumed with how it is affecting them. They … Continue reading SELF

Sword of the Spirit

This has been a strange week! If you are reading this at a later time or from another country (welcome!), we are in the first week of social distancing in response to the Coronavirus, here in Arkansas. People are trying to work from home while homeschooling their children. Others are trying to figure out what … Continue reading Sword of the Spirit