Family Values – We Work Hard

This series has been one of my favorites to write. I hope that it has been helpful to you. Today we are talking about how in the family of God, We Work Hard. My brother and I basically grew up in a barbecue restaurant. My dad was the manager/meat smoker, my mom worked the cash … Continue reading Family Values – We Work Hard


My Treasure

  I feel like I have been around in the world in 80 days! I have gotten to see my favorite people in the span of about 3 weeks. My body is tired from running all over but my heart is extremely full. People are my favorite thing and I have been blessed with some of … Continue reading My Treasure

Dear America

The Fourth of July has been my favorite holiday for a long time. There are several reasons why I love it: watermelon, snow cones, flip-flops, and fireworks; dressing in red, white, and blue makes me very, very happy and, the most important reason, I love my country! In the 33 years that I've been alive, … Continue reading Dear America