Back 2 Basics – Character

This will be our third and final week in this series. This post is a bit different from the other two posts about reading the Word and prayer. Those topics are expected when talking about the basics of Christianity. This week, I felt a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit to end this series talking … Continue reading Back 2 Basics – Character


You Get to Choose

My mind has been replaying this sentence over and over this week: "You get to choose." We make choices ALL DAY LONG. Before our day even begins, we have a choice of how we are going to start the day. Are we going to go to bed on time or stay up later than we … Continue reading You Get to Choose

Dear Mama

Dear Mama, Pretend like we are best friends, drinking hot chocolate (coffee is disgusting) for a second. Imagine that I am your usually very mellow bestie who likes to make you laugh. I’m incredibly awkward and silly but today, I’m feisty. Got the picture? I get the privilege of meeting with women pretty frequently. It … Continue reading Dear Mama